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Trzy miesiące od premiery gry "Waterworks!" - podsumowanie

Trzy miesiące od premiery gry "Waterworks!" - podsumowanie



Waterworks!: https://scriptwelder.itch.io/waterworks

Dzisiaj mijają równo dwa miesiące od dnia premiery naukowej gry komputerowej „Waterworks!”. Gry, która powstała na podstawie wyników badań historyczno-archeologicznych prowadzonych przez dr Wacława Kulczykowskiego z Wydziału Historycznego UG we współpracy z twórcą gier Mateuszem „scriptwelderem” Sokalszczukiem w ramach projektu popularyzującego naukę pt. Archeologia Live & Online.

Do tej pory w grę zagrano łącznie 218.055 razy! (a liczba ta stale wzrasta)

W grę zagrali gracze z całego świata, z czego najbardziej popularna jest w krajach takich jak: Stany Zjednoczone, Polska, Niemcy, Anglia, Kanada, Rosja, Chiny, Niderlandy, Japonia czy Brazylia.

O grze informowały media z całego świata. Łącznie odnotowaliśmy aż 41 różnych publikacji na portalach internetowych, w prasie, radiu oraz telewizji.

Na największych portalach z internetowymi grami komputerowymi „Waterworks!” otrzymało wyjątkowo wysokie oceny: 

Itch.io: 4.9/5

Armor Games: 97/100

Newgrounds.com: 4.6/5

Na portalu Newgrounds.com gra została okrzyknięta 3. najlepszą grą lipca 2020 r. i jest obecnie 4. najlepszą grą strategiczną 2020 r.

PC Gamer ocenił grę na 83/100, co w kontekście tak prestiżowego, brytyjsko-amerykańskiego magazynu komputerowego jest ogromnym sukcesem!

Gra została sfinansowana ze środków Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego na Działalność Upowszechniającą Naukę.
Wyniki badań wykorzystane w grze powstała w wyniku realizacji projektu Narodowe Centrum Nauki w ramach konkursu PRELUDIUM 12.
Patroni gry:
Prezydent Grudziądza
Muzeum im. ks. dr. Władysława Łęgi w Grudziądzu
Miejskie Wodociągi i Oczyszczalnia sp. z o.o. w Grudziądzu


Poniżej prezentujemy pełną listę doniesień medialnych oraz wybrane komentarze graczy:

Doniesienia medialne:
Uniwersytet Gdański (16.07.2020):
Polygamia.pl (17.07.2020): 
Grudziadz365.pl (17.07.2020):
Eurogamer.com (19.07.2020): 
Radio Pik (19.07.2020):
Portal Samorządowy (19.07.2020):
Wirtualny Nowy Przemysł (19.07.2020):
Trójmiasto.pl (20.07.2020):
Nauka w Polsce (pap.pl; 20.07.2020):
Archeologia Żywa (20.07.2020):
Interia.pl (20.07.2020):
Histmag.org (20.07.2020):
Poland In (20.07.2020):
Techgame.pl (20.07.2020):
Techmaniacy.pl (20.07.2020)
iSAP - Słowiańska Agencja Prasowa (21.07.2020):
ISBTech (21.07.2020):
Edupolis.pl (21.07.2020):
Dziennik Bałtycki (22.07.2020):
Polish Science (24.07.2020):
Grudziadz.pl (24.07.2020):
Eska.pl (24.07.2020):
Grudziądz Nasze Miasto (24.07.2020):
TVP3 Bydgoszcz (25.07.2020):
CKM (26.07.2020):
Przy Konsoli (26.07.2020):
Arhn.eu (31.07.2020):
Strefa Historii (02.08.2020):
PC Gamer (08.08.2020):
Tech Gaming Report (09.08.2020):
News Gearvn (10.08.2020) (Wietnam):
PC Invasion (11.08.2020):
Shazoo.ru (11.08.2020):
Vĺčatá.sk (21.08.2020):
Gazeta Pomorska (29.08.2020):
Film o badaniach i grze stworzony na prośbę Centrum Nauki EXPERYMENT w Gdyni (04.09.2020):
„Papierowa” wersja magazynu PC GAMER (17.09.2020):
Tom Sykes, „Pipe Dream”
TVP3 Bydgoszcz (23.09.2020):
Program „Pokochaj Grudziądz”
TVP3 Bydgoszcz (25.09.2020):
Program informacyjny „Zbliżenia”
Culture.pl (27.09.2020):
„Waterworks! – Mateusz "Scriptwelder" Sokalszczuk i Wacław Kulczykowski”
Doniesienia oczekujące na publikacje w:
- Portal uniwersytecki "Zatoka Nauki"
Wybrane komentarze graczy:
Dermid Tishin (16.07.2020:)
"Well, this is a gem! Very immersive - great atmosphere created by the theme, nice visuals, beautiful music and sound effects. Simple mechanics but deep gameplay. Also teaches you quite a few things about engineering, project management and medieval history. Well done.
P. S. Warning, this game is addictive!"
maladroit (18.07.2020):
"Brilliant! This reminds me of your archaeology game, and I'm happy you've found this side-niche in making mechanically sophisticated games around educational topics. Normally those sorts of games are badly designed and just bombard you with information between tedious tasks, but your game works first and foremost as a game, which ends up being a far more effective vessel for the educational content, letting the player discover it primarily through doing."
dandan550 (19.07.2020):
"It was a brilliant game, simple but very interesting. It also took me a good insight about the town's history and most importantly it's development as the demand for water supply grows as well how the people back then develop technology to solve it's problem. Pretty amazing."
Snowblindn3ss (23.07.2020):
A very nice, engaging game. I highly recommend if you have ~2 hours to spend on something entertaining and educating at the same time.
xiezongnan (09.08.2020):
"A very educational and enjoyable experience"
brokenfixer (09.08.2020):
"Thanks for making this game! I enjoyed the educational and historical content."
LazarheaD (22.07.2020):
"Another great game by Scriptwelder and an educational one at that. This is what our classrooms should look like."
TheRXMan (22.07.2020):
"For a game about civic planning and water distribution that was remarkably epic! [...] I found the game engaging and worth the time invested in it. Someone else here commented that a game like this needs to be used in schools, I will second that motion. You've done well."
Blank616 (22.07.2020):
"I can’t remember the last time I was educated this hard and this well. Epic job!"
redgamehunter (23.07.2020):
"I am a big fan of being able to find a happy middle ground between historical accuracy and a game being actually enjoyable to play."
Drogas (23.07.2020):
"I love interesting game with well defined end that doesn't take days to reach, and it was very interesting history wise!"
kcho99 (24.07.2020):
"What an excellent game! Informative and fun, I really enjoyed it."
unh0ly (24.07.2020):
"This is one of the best web games I have ever played. Creative, polished and educational. Nice game mechanics."
TomboyChez (24.07.2020):
"Incredibly informative, you can really tell a lot of work was put into this - research and programming wise- and that it was a labour of love. Very enjoyable - thank you!"
megamagicmonkey (25.07.2020)
"Very fun! Surprisingly educational!"
Nitronick9000 (27.07.2020):
"Amazing! Educational, fun, good looking. That is one Heck of a game. Great job!"
ionjump (27.07.2020):
"I played this game all day. So Fun! I like the history and I went to Wikipedia and read about the water wheel and the town."
MrHotwings (28.07.2020):
"[...]I enjoy the pixel art in the game and seeing the gradual change of the town to reflect that you're advancing through time as you unlock new technology. You get to learn about history and also learn about the progression of water delivery technology. It certainly makes you appreciate how easy it is to get water today."
RickChason (29.07.2020):
"This is the finest game I've ever played on Newgrounds. Attractive graphics, lush music, and gameplay that's simultaneously relaxing and engaging. And I love the educational component to it :)"
Gingersnap8704 (01.08.2020):
"I really liked this game, it was super entertaining and I really liked the mini history lessons thrown in!"
charguitar (01.08.2020):
"Great game! Really educational and addicting!"
Dual-Wielder30 (04.08.2020):
"This game, wow, it is immersive, engaging and awesome! [...] The history slices were nice as well, reasonably detailed and giving good info to teach people new things."
tirrene (06.08.2020):
"This was a pretty damn entertaining game, AND it taught me about the history of water distribution in medieval Poland, which is... cool?"
Skarmory (08.08.2020):
"Oh I don't know, I don't really like historical games..."
*2 hours later*
Blue-Wasd (11.08.2020):
"I fricking loved it. So fun, interesting and an overall engrossing experience.
Thank you a lot for making me care about water supplies."
Stenlyx (15.08.2020):
"Usually I'm not really into management games, but I spent last few hours playing this game and I really enjoyed it! Absolutely loved the concept, the history part and the execution!"
MrClam (17.08.2020):
"scriptwelder's games are the only good incorporations of archaeology i have ever found (this one and excavate). Not only are they educational and helpful to archaeological outreach, they are also insanely satisfying and well-polished games. Thank you for making this!"
Gnupy (17.08.2020):
"Few games have such educational value on top of being fun. As someone who has not lived in central Europe I felt like I learned something about the people who live there just by playing this. Five stars are not enough!"
Cedjy (17.08.2020):
"who'd a thunk that a game about managing water would be so fun to puzzle with, AND informative.
Very neat"
michboj123 (19.08.2020):
"I really enjoy that game. Really fun and entertaining. (And maybe I will learn some history of Grudziądz too!). Keep making those amazing games!"
Space-Dragon (22.08.2020):
"Very responsive controls! Lovely pixel style! Great mechanics! And a great history lesson to go along with!
I'm coming here for my second playthrough and I will be definitely coming back to play again in the future! An overall VERY fun game!"
RadiantTaxes (05.09.2020):
"While it did have a very suspicious amount of water-related knowledge, I really did like this game!"
Reggaemortis (10.09.2020):
"I think this might be the best city management game on Newgrounds! The game has a very nice feeling of progression and sprinkles in a small history lesson as well."
Armor Games:
jayfight (25.07.2020):
"Had a ton of fun with this! Definitely a new favorite of mine. I love that it's both strategically fun, as well as quite educational."
Koldoor (26.07.2020):
"This game is a gold nugget that sparkled in the stream of the Internet on a Saturday afternoon. I absolutely loved it, I think I had a smile on my face for the most part.[...] But also the informations about the history of Grudziądz, and of Poland in some extent. It does not seem very much but this is what made me love it : with this rich background the game becomes so immersive, it gives the player all the elements to be deeply invested into her or his mission to bring water to the people living here. I was so into it I looked on Google Map where the city was located, where the castle was, where the ancient waterwork would have been, and the course of the Trynka Kanal from Kłódka to Grudziądz. It's on the map, you can see it, it's real, it's awesome ! [...]If I'm not mistaken this is the second game made by Scriptwelder with the patronage of public institution (like the University of Gdansk) and I absolutly love them, Excavate! was awesome too.[...]".
Chadlcon (26.07.2020):
"Well done! This game is a gem, an absolute gem! From gameplay through sound effects and music. Educational and historical [...]"
MayTheLordForgiveMe (26.08.2020):
"I appreciate the amount of history and research that went into this. Still can't believe this was made in collaboration with an actual Polish university."
RonaldReggin (26.07.2020):
"Very cool history lession"
Ralph Ooi (26.07.2020):
"Love it! hoping to play more of this kind of game! fun and simple history about waterworks."
jecfinn88 (28.07.2020):
"I played on easy and really enjoyed the history and watching the progress of the waterworks. It was worth getting involved in the game and spending time on it. Thanks!"
asmodeojung (07.08.2020):
"This is one of the best Grudziądz water supply system simulator I've ever played!"
MChain (10.08.2020):
"A wonderful little educational game. Such a rare sight on Armorgames nowadays... A 100% insta-fave"
Platycus (11.08.2020):
"OMG, this game was so fun! Also, educational, I guess as a bonus. I might use as teaching resource."
Darkmote (14.08.2020):
"Quite honestly I didn't expect this to be my kind of game, because I stray away from card games, but this was awesome. And educational. And Polish. Awesome to see my brothers and sisters represented!"
Foxtrot_Delta (26.08.2020):
"great game and as a wee bit of a history and engineering/physics nerd this was also great for learning a wee bit about water supplies and lead to me diving down that rabbit hole."
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